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More winter scenes of 2022! Happy New 2023 year!

We feel winter in Virginia though we have no snow!


Winter shadows, pastel on paper 18x24, plein air, $750 unframed


Road to Beaver creek lake, pastel, 18x24 in, studio, $750, unframed

Though we don't have snow right now in Virginia we still feel the breath of winter. On Christmas eve many homes lost power and had to literally survive in this harsh weather. Out heating system broke unexpectedly too and we had to use only two small electric heaters. Thank God our friend brought us more next day!

I used to paint lots of snow scene while living in Russia, especially in February-March when we have more sun and snow looks fantastic in the sun! Every time we have snow here I try to paint something either in oil or pastel. Very often pastels work better as I can paint faster and show this beauty of winter landscapes. Very often I paint in my backyard as we live literally in the woods and I don't have to drive anywhere. But I also know some places where I can park my car and paint too.

Nearby public parks and fishing places offer endless opportunities to paint snow. Especially I like to paint dry yellow/orange grass in the snow. The combination of warm grass colors and cool blue/violet of snow shadows is very appealing!



Sunset shadows, pastel on paper, 16x20 in $550 unframed plein air and studio


Winter splendor, pastel on paper, 16x20 in, $650 unframed Plein air

I also like to paint winter sunsets. The warm orange sky makes an astonishingly beautiful contrast with the cool of the snow.

Early moon

Early moon, pastel on paper, 9x12 in, $250 Plein air

Lesnichy_J_Winter sunset

Flames of sunset, pastel on paper, 9x12 in, studio, $250 unframed

I am currently having a Christmas sale on my other website Please take a look. There are many local landscapes and floral paintings.


For those of you who live closer to Crozet or Charlottesville I will offer a series of workshops in my studio in Crozet later in February next year. We will study and paint indoor still life. I will talk and show how to work with a composition, values and colors in a still life. I will show a color/impressionistic approach rather than realism. We may meet on any day convenient for you like on Saturday or Sunday. I think there is space for no more than 5 people. If you are interested please let me know messaging me here or via email


This small beauty if on sale from my website



Deep blue shadows, pastel on paper, 9x12 in, plein air

I wish you and your families Happy New 2023 Year! Be optimistic, calm and creative!