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Artist's statement

Julia Lesnichy



I have always been fascinated by meadows with wild flowers in Russia which come to full bloom only one month a year, in July. I have a house in the country not far from Moscow, where I used to spend summers. Local landscapes have been my favorite subjects to paint. I got particularly attracted by the meadows with wild flowers which glow with warm colors in the hot summer sun. I discovered this meadow not far from the lake where my kids and I used go swimming. I painted my son looking down at the flowers, deep in his thoughts. The distant trees make a contrast with the tapestry of flowers and grass patterns. The silhouette of a boy stands out instantly drawing a viewer's eye to it as a center of interest. The sky is filled with warm colors of the afternoon light.


This painting is mostly about solitude and peaceful quiet observation of beauty of nature. It is about a harmony with nature and an inner unity with it. While creating this work I used many layers of colors, using mostly palette knife, which helped me to paint all the colors I saw and achieve a certain color vibration.


Many people say about my similar works that they evoke relaxing and serene feelings and are full of positive energy.